Pauli, FL

I have worked with wood chippers for the past 40 years taking care of a 7.5 acre property full of vegetation of all kind. I do everything with it. Tree branches, vine, brush, leaves etc. I even produce all the mulch I need. The machines from Mackissic ( I owned three of them) are efficient, simple in design and require very little maintenance. I also own a big diesel chipper but it clogs all the time and you need a trailer to catch the chips. You don’t run the risk of hydraulic fluid leaks to contaminate your property, or expensive engine repairs, and fixing this machine is like childs play compared to diesel wood chippers. You can compost anything with this machine. If you throw something wet inside, just have a few dry branches to throw in it and the whole thing does not block. All you need is a socket set and an adjustable wrench to take care of the whole machine. A small 8hp garden tractor will tow it no problem around the property. You don’t damage the grass and you can sneak into tight areas with this chipper. Just leave the chips on the ground and you can use them for mulch. I even make wonderful mulch shredding horse manure
with this machine. It comes out totally homogenized and looking like a million $. You really save a ton of money with this. Diesel wood chippers are very good at some things. The Mackissic hammer mill chipper/shredders are very good at everything. There is nothing it can’t shred.