Will S., Pennsylvania

In the spring of 2014 I bought a very old (1976) Mighty Mac 12P chipper at an auction to help with a massive yard cleanup project. I simply couldn’t afford a new chipper of the size needed for this job. Initially it ran and chipped/shredded very well, but within a few hours of use it became clear that the engine was suffering from neglect and inept maintenance, ultimately requiring several hours’ work and a clutch replacement in order to finish the job. Being mechanically inclined, I did the work myself, which I knew from the outset would probably be part of the bargain when buying used equipment that old.

From the very beginning the folks at MacKissic were there to help me with anything I needed – owne’s manuals (yes, still available for a 1976 model!), spare parts, advice, whatever I needed. My main point of contact, Joann Stout, went out of her way to see that any question or issue I had was handled as quickly and completely as possible. At one point she went to the parts manager to discuss some parts I needed that were only available as a complete assembly (clutch springs) and that conversation led to the parts manager finding the springs I needed in an old spare parts bin. I was just amazed at the level of effort she was willing to give to ensure my questions were answered as completely as possible.

MacKissic didn’t earn a dime from my purchase of that chipper (other than the replacement clutch I bought), yet I can honestly say that I’ve never seen a company work so hard to serve an owner of one of their products, whether it was purchased from them or not. Needless to say, any of my future equipment needs that fall within MacKissic’s product lines will be purchased from them, and I will gladly recommend their products to anyone.