Do I need a hammermill shredder-chipper or will a hammerless shredder-chipper work for me?

A Hammermill shredder-chipper can process a much wider variety of material than a hammerless style. The hammerless LSC does a fantastic job at reducing leaves and small prunings, but if you want to process an endless variety of organic material and chip larger branches, a hammermill machine is the way to go.

Are there alternatives to having processed material discharged onto the ground?

Yes, there are bagging kits available for the SC800 and the 12P model shredder-chippers. Another option is to process the material onto a tarp for easy relocation.

Do the electric start units have a recoil start, too?

Yes, the batteries on the electric start units are recharged as the unit runs. However, you do have the option of using the recoil if desired. The battery can be recharged by using a trickle charger adequate for gel-filled batteries.

How difficult is it to pull start a shredder-chipper?

Our units are equipped with a centrifugal clutch; therefore, you are not turning over the entire rotor assembly – just the engine. Additionally, the engines are overhead valve engines, which start more easily than an L-head engine. Our direct drive leaf-shredder-chippers do not use a centrifugal clutch, again the overhead valve engines allow for easier starting.

Can a shredder handle acorns? How fine can the results be?

The shredder can handle acorns easily. We suggest one of our optional re-processing screens available with 3/4″, 1/2″, and 1/4″ round hole perforations. The most efficient way to process material you want finer than the standard 1″ perforated screen allows, is to put the material through using the standard screen first. Then process the material a second time using one of the smaller hole screens. The material stays in the housing until it is small enough to be discharged through the holes of the screen; the smaller the holes in the screen, the longer the material takes to be processed. Smaller material decomposes quicker than larger material because the micro-organisms can do their job in less time.

What size properties is the VCB recommended for?

The vacuum-chipper-bagger or VCB is recommended for yards one acre or less.

Where is material discharged from the shredder-chippers?

There are four positions for the baffle plate (a metal piece which directs the shredded material) to adjust where the material is deposited. The highest position shoots the material the greatest distance from the unit. Many users place a tarp underneath this area and pull it away from the shredder-chipper for dumping. Some operators find using a bagging kit is preferred for ease of moving the material.

How can I locate a dealer in my area?

Typically MacKissic sells our products through a two-step distribution system. Regional distributors set up local dealers so that our customers are purchasing a “value-added” product including service by an authorized dealer. By contacting the regional distributors as explained on our “How to Buy” page, you will be directed to the local dealer closest to you.

If there is no regional distributor in your area, you will be directed to MacKissic for details about factory direct purchases.

Do MacKissic machines come fully assembled?

Most machines require some minimal assembly – such as attaching handlebars or bolting on a hopper. Your local dealer will be able to assist you with set-up if desired.

What oil is used with my machine?

The engine manual included with your unit will provide complete instructions for servicing your engine. Use a high-quality detergent oil classified “For Service SF, SG, SH, SJ” or higher. The engine manual charts recommend SAE 30 Viscosity Grades for a full range of starting temperatures. An SAE 30 oil is recommended for temperatures of 40 degrees and above.

If my machine needs service, what do I do?

The best place to start is to go to your place of purchase or any authorized MacKissic dealer. If there is not one in your area, contact MacKissic for technical support and locating an engine dealer.

How do I order replacement parts?

Your local dealer should be your first stop for replacement parts. If a dealer is not available, you can call the MacKissic parts department at (800)348-1117. Please have your model number and machine serial number ready when you call.

What materials can a Mighty Mac® shredder-chipper process?

Leaves X X X X X X
Twigs X X X X X
Compost X X X X X
Garden Debris X X X X X
Kitchen Debris X X X X X

What size screen should I use on my shredder-chipper?

The screen that comes with your machine will handle most of your processing needs. However, smaller screens are available if you desire additional material reduction, and larger screens are available if you are processing wet material.