LB800.  I purchased this unit based on its having the lowest db and highest cfm in its price range. It is extremely powerful and effective on both dry and wet leaves allowing you to clear large areas quickly. No way I’m going to lug around a deafening fuming heavy backpack with much less power over an acre or so of land with half the power. The kick feature on the air chute eliminates the need to attach and detach a separate attachment found on other units. I bought a bracket with a swivel pneumatic wheel to replace the fixed wheel it came with – a must for rough uneven ground plus a hitch that allows me to tow the unit behind my mower to clean the perimeter of my property which is about 1/2 mile long. If you will be using it on uneven ground I highly recommend buying the upgraded version of this unit that comes with the swivel wheel and larger rear tires and save the extra cost of buying them later. B&S engine has been reliable over 4 years of use – Fall, Spring, and Summer.