We understand that many of our customers enjoy engaging in DIY projects, particularly those related to spring gardening. Therefore, we are excited to share some DIY project ideas that incorporate our chipper shredders. If you are unsure where to start – we’ve got you covered!

Making Mulch: DIY Wood Chip Mulch

Are you determining which mulch to get for your garden this upcoming spring? The power of homemade wood mulch can give you exactly what you are picturing for your garden this year: vibrant, healthy plants thriving in nutrient-rich soil that comes directly from your own DIY mulch. In addition to imagining that wonderful picture, imagine not having the hassle of buying bags of mulch this year on top of searching online for the best mulch blend for your plants. Using homemade mulch gives you full control over what goes into your soil for your plants, giving you upmost confidence that they will thrive this season and knowing you are using the best all-natural, eco-friendly mulch that you can give it!

As anyone would want to know, you are probably curious on how to get started on making your own DIY wood mulch. It is quite simple; invest in one of our mighty top-notch chipper shredder models! We offer various machine and engine sizes to tailor to your specific needs for your garden this season! Newbie at the garden and chipping wood game? Our chipper shredders have ease of use, and there is a perfect match waiting for you today!

The benefit of wood chip mulch goes far beyond saving you time and money! By creating your own wood chip mulch, you are clearing your lawn and garden of leaves, branches, and other debris. Not only are you cleaning up your outdoor space, but you are creating the perfect stage for happier and healthier plants! There will be magic happening on the surface, but we cannot forget about the magic that will be happening beneath the surface! As wood mulch breaks down, essential nutrients are released into the soil creating a fertile environment where your plants can thrive. The other benefits that wood mulch offers to your garden include:

  • Maintaining the soil moisture
  • Cost-effective
  • Reducing weeds
  • Aesthetically pleasing to the eye
  • Ease of application




Making Compost Mulch: DIY with Chipper Shredders

Now, what is so special about compost mulch? It is a total game-changer for your garden, not only does it enrich your soil but it uses materials you typically toss in the trash. All those kitchen scraps and yard waste that you generate on a daily basis, they are not just trash – they’re gold minds of nutrients waiting to be unleashed and used. Compost mulch is not just any mix of scraps, it is carefully balanced blend of brown and green waste of wood chips, coffee grounds, eggshells, dry leaves, fruit and vegetable peels. This all works together to create a wondrous soil booster for your garden!

We are sure you are wondering when our chipper shredders come into play, don’t you worry we are about to chip into that! Using our mighty chipper shredders to shred and chip up your waste materials create an environment where the decomposition process is sped up but also ensures that the compost pile is aerated. There are plenty of benefits for making and using compost mulch for your gardens includes:

  • Cost-effective
  • Replaces chemical fertilizers
  • Enhances soil quality for plants
  • Conserves the water in your soil
  • Increases plant rooting depth
  • Maximize your crop yields

Crafting Wood Chips with Our Chipper Shredders for Stunning Garden Pathways

As spring comes around the corner, it is the perfect time to think about ways to breathe new life into your outdoor spaces. Not only will this be appealing to the eye, but it takes your lawn and garden pathways to the next level! You can achieve this eco-friendly beautiful pathway in whatever shape you would like. With the help of our chipper shredders, you can transform wood into mulch pieces to create the pathway of your dreams! Not only is this pathway incredibly eco-friendly but it is extremely easy to install and inexpensive. There is no need to hire a professional team to create your pathway, you just need some elbow grease and a creative eye. Many of the benefits for using wood chips for the pathway for your lawn and gardens include:

  • Pleasing to look at
  • Supports beneficial fungi
  • Reduces weed growth
  • Use of branches from the yard / yard debris
  • Break down naturally over time
  • Can create any pathway design that you want

Choosing the Right Chipper Shredder Screen for Your DIY Needs!

As you begin your wood mulch and compost mulch crafting projects this spring season, we recommend using the standard 1” screen that comes made with the chipper shredder! If you are looking for more reduction for your pieces of mulch than, we recommend the ½” screen that is sold separately, which can be ordered from us directly! If you are looking to reduce and chip wet materials for your mulch, we recommend the Slotted Bar Screen that is sold separately, which can also be ordered from us directly!

When you begin your wood pathway for your lawn and garden, we recommend the standard 1” screen that comes with your chipper shredder. This gives the perfect wood chip size for pathways, not too big and not too small!

When starting and creating your DIY projects, remember to follow all safety guidelines when using a chipper shredder as well as following the instructions that came with your machine.

Looking to do all of these marvelous, fun DIY projects with your garden this spring? Buy one of our chipper shredders today online or over the phone today![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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