Tom, VT

I’ve been very pleased with the MacKissic TPH185. I use it with both an 18HP and a 35HP tractor. 35 is a bit much, so the “economy 1000 rpm pto speed is used with reduced engine rpm. Damp soil though the shredder is a problem with sticking to the discharge screen. Having a supply of woody material available to clean out the grill goes along with running “compost”. through.Chipping up to 4 inch material goes quickly. One large branch at a time. side branches must be trimmed to fit the input port chute. I’ve replaced one drive belt and flipped the shredder hammer. flails twice. They need flipping one last time to present a square sharp working edge. stones dull the flails. I’ve sharpened the pair of chipper knives several times. The “smoke wrench” is a necessity to get the fixing screws out. I bought a box of 100 replacement internal wrenching c’sink screws for service replacements after sharpening.