Stephen T., MN

12PT.   I bought a “USED” 12PT chipper/shredder 4 years ago to replace a chipper/shredder that was purchased from Sears back in 1989. I did ALOT of chipping with that old chipper but always found it lacking, so I stepped up to the 12PT. All I can say is WOW, what a difference. It is a chipping/shredding BEAST! It is well made, a simple design that is very effective. I have 15 wooded acres that is infested with buckthorn, and I purchased it to chip up the buckthorn as I cut it down. In 2022 I filled a 17CF trailer heaping full with chipped buckthorn over 60 times, so far in 2023 I have filled the trailer 33 times, at the current rate by the end of the year the count will be over 75! That is ALOT of chipping!I keep the blade sharp and the unit maintained, and it just keeps chipping, and chipping, and chipping, hour after hour after hour…. An absolutely wonderful piece of equipment, durable and made in the USA.