Phillip, H.

Excellent Service & Equipment.  A few weeks ago, I was out of town and my neighbor had some brush that needed to by chipped and shredded. He had used my Merry Mac in the past, but as I was gone, he borrowed a different one from someone else. The unit he borrowed was a known brand and the motor was reasonably close to mine, but when I returned, he came and asked to borrow mine. I looked at the pile he had “shredded” and it looked more like it had been walked on. We put it back through my machine and then quickly fed all the rest through and, in short order, it was reduced to pulp. From now on, my neighbor says if I’m out of town, he will just wait until I return.
I have also been impressed with the level of customer support. Whenever I have called, it always felt a little like going into and old time hardware store where people knew stuff and wanted to share what they knew with you. Short of a commercial unit, this is the best chipper shredder I have ever seen. I hope your business is doing well. We need for you guys to be around for a long, long time. I recommend your unit to everyone. I wish you a prosperous future.