J. Kool, Plattsmouth, NE

This company’s customer service is amazing!

MacKissic Inc.

I bought a USED chipper/shredder. I emailed the company before and after the purchase maybe 5 times to ask questions and I always got a reply either the same day or next day.

The model I got was a highway towable Mighty Mac. I needed to get a hitch on the car before I picked up. The hitch company wanted to know the ball size and tongue height. Got an answer right away.

All I had was a photo and I wondered if they could tell me the model. Got an answer right away.

After I bought it, I couldn’t find the serial number and wanted to know how old it was. I sent them a photo of the engine model and serial number. They got back to me right away with the serial number of their machine and the date of manufacture.

I have not spent a penny with them and they have been SO helpful.

I will need a few parts, of course, but I am very impressed with the company.

September 2015