Holly Korzilius

Super friendly and helpful staff. They answered my questions about some of the chipper/shredders they offer and put me in touch with a dealer in my area who had the model I wanted available for purchase. Here’s a repeat of a post I just made on Facebook. “For YEARS, I’ve been filling the back of my Prius (yes… l’il Toyota Prius) with yard waste; nuts (hundreds of lbs of black walnuts annually), sticks, and small branches.
Between me loosing patience waiting in line at the land fill to deposit my hard waste (they have an active composting facility) and them recently implementing a $5 minimum charge to dispose of yard waste (under 100 lbs used to be free), I decided to bite the bullet and invest in a hammer mill style chipper/shredder.
MacKissic Inc. produces the unit I purchased… the Mighty Mac SC800. It cost a little more than some other residential-appropriate chipper/shredders and boy does it PERFORM! It was easy for me to start (slipper clutch) and has already proven to be supremely capable.
I had a pile of branches from a recent storm that was easily 6 feet cubed; a non trivial pile! In less than 2 hours of effort, the entire pile has been converted to mulch that is now covering one of my landscape beds. To-do, ta-done! Thank you!