Eric H., IN

As with any product that you do not have experience with, I was unsure how this item would perform. Well, it performs exactly as described! It handles anything up to 3″ quickly and efficiently without bogging down. I did not try to put anything larger in it because I didn’t want to max out the machine (I consider this item to be extreme home-owner grade, so I didn’t want to push it!). Assembly was not difficult, but you will want to have two people for the shoot assembly. I would also use a blue lock tight on all bolts as this thing generates a fair amount of vibration. The key to feeding is to strip as many small branches off prior to trying to feed larger branches. If you don’t, you will have difficulty getting them to self-feed. If I were to suggest any improvements, it would be an adjustable shoot so you can direct the clippings to more than one location. Not much else to say other than it was a good price for the performance! Buy with confidence.