Yard debris is a common issue many homeowner’s face. Having a high quality, reliable shredder-chipper at your home can make cleaning up your yard debris an easy fix. MacKissic’s shredder-chippers are able to shred leaves, tree branches, shrub clippings, and many other organic materials. Owning your own shredder-chipper leaves you with a sustainable option to create your own mulch or compost piles from the yard debris. You also have the option to bag it and dispose of it yourself.

We offer a variety of options that are guaranteed to meet your needs. Our hammermill style shredder-chippers house free-swinging hammers that shred, tear, beat, and grind materials. The shredding hammer machine options range from 16 reversible hammers to 48 hammers depending on the model you select. The shredder-chipper performs these actions until it is able to pass through the screen at the discharge end of the machine. We offer various screen options so you can customize how finely your material is processed. While the hammermill shredder-chipper machines may be the right choice for some homeowners, we know it is not for everyone. This is why we also carry manual models for the homeowner who wants their yard debris cleared, but may only need it for small branches and leaves.

Why MacKissic is the Right Brand for You

Since 1947, MacKissic has been manufacturing products that are designed to perform and built to last. With our time-tested great design and all steel construction, Mighty Mac shredder-chippers are safe and durable. The MacKissic family believes in great Pennsylvania Dutch, USA made craftsmanship. Today MacKissic manufactures under the brand names of Mighty Mac®, Merry Tiller®, Easy Auger®, and Merry Commercial. The products MacKissic manufactures include wood chippers, shredder-chippers, 3-point hitch attachments, lawn and multi-surface vacuums, tillers, walk behind leaf & debris blowers, sprayers, leaf cyclers, hydraulic earth drills, and stump cutters.

Mighty Mac Company and wood chipper model photoshoot

We know how important it is to research your shredder-chipper options and that it can seem overwhelming. Here are a few questions to ask yourself while exploring our various shredder-chipper machine options. Would I prefer a manual or electric shredder-chipper? Which size chipper is best for me based on my yard size? Can this shredder-chipper handle everything I need to chip? Can I move this machine around my yard easily? To help you with those questions, here are some durable, high quality MacKissic shredder-chippers:

Mighty Mac Hammermill Shredder Chipper 12P

The Mighty Mac Hammermill Shredder Chipper 12P is great for homeowners and those who are looking for durability and versatility in a machine. The 12P wood chipper can process leaves, stalks, grass and yard or garden debris with a 3 ½” diameter capacity. The 12P can be used year-round for your cleaning and landscaping needs. This USA made machine processes debris quickly and efficiently. This shredder has 24 hammers that are reversible 4 times. The chipper has a heavy steel flywheel with a heat-treated blade that can be resharpened as needed. The 12P includes a 1” diameter screen, but MacKissic offers 4 other screen options to fit every customer’s needs. This helps to customize how finely the material you’re shredding is processed. The Mighty Mac Hammermill Shredder Chipper 12P is a dependable, easy-to-use machine with a professional level operation.

Mighty Mac Hammermill Shredder Chipper 12P - chipping large stump

Mighty Mac Leaf Shredder Chipper LSC

The Mighty Mac Leaf Shredder Chipper is ideal for the homeowner who needs to shred leaves and chip branches with less than a 2 ¼ diameter. This small but tough machine is great for turning everyday yard debris into a sustainable mulch or compost for your gardens. The LSC can be operated two ways: in the upright position where leaves can be directly dumped into the shredder hopper. Another easy way to load the machine is to lay it on its side and rake the leaves directly into the hopper. The powerful steel impeller creates a vacuum to help pull the leaves into the shredder. The machine also includes a 2 ½ bushel bag for easy disposal or collection of debris. Overall this machine is great for someone that needs a high-quality, dependable leaf shredder-chipper to take care of their yard debris.

Mighty Mac Leaf Shredder Chipper LSC800

Mighty Mac Hammermill Shredder Chipper SC800

The Mighty Mac Hammermill Shredder Chipper SC800 is the smallest of the hammermill collection but do not let that deceive you on the power it holds! With 16 shredding hammers, the SC800 can shred, chip, and process leaves, along with other yard debris, up to 3” thick. The machine features a discharge adjustment allowing users to focus where the pile of processed material goes. There are different screen size options for this shredder-chipper so you can process material as fine or thick as you’d like. This gives you the opportunity to make your own customized mulch or compost. Another great feature with our product is that the centrifugal clutch allows the engine to disengage when stressed over a heavy load, allowing the engine to gain RPMs faster and more efficiently.

Mighty Mac Hammermill Shredder Chipper SC800

Mighty Mac Hammermill Shredder Chipper SC185E

The Hammermill Shredder Chipper SC185E! This machine has been around since 1989, upgraded four times, and has been delivering great results to homeowners ever since. The SC185E earned its own nickname, the “Brute”, due to its high quality performance. With 48 free swinging hammers that provide 114,350 hits per minute, this machine is capable of shredding most organic material. The Mighty Mac Hammermill Shredder Chipper SC185E is highway towable and has an electric start. Like our SC800 model, the SC185E also has the feature of a centrifugal clutch for an easy, and the ability to disengage when stressed under a heavy debris load.

Merry Commercial Shredder-Chipper 12PHT

If you are still unsure what MacKissic Shredder-Chipper is best for you, explore the rest of our machine options! With our five size options we believe we will be able to get the best item for you that can meet all of your needs. We carry a homeowners line of shredder-chippers as well as a commercial line for the extra big jobs you need help with. If you think you need more assistance to find the best option for you, feel free to contact us through email, a phone call, or by filling out the form on our site.