T. Jones, PA.

My wife and I recently purchased a property with a few acres, our first home with a yard. I assumed I would have no trouble keeping up with the leaves, sticks, garden, and anything else Mother Nature tossed at me, using only manual tools. After the first year, however, I was proven wrong and found myself spending countless hours raking leaves, picking up sticks and other debris, collecting them on a tarp and hauling them to the brush pile. Additionally, I discovered manually tilling a garden with a hoe was no pleasant venture, either.

I decided to acquire a Mackissic LeafCycler and Merry Tiller and what a difference this has made. Not only did it make the hours’ long, back-breaking work easier and quicker, it also did a far better job than I could do with manual tools, shredded finely enough to use as fertilizer, and has freed up so much time, I can concentrate on other chores and spend more time with my family.

Both pieces of equipment are extremely reliable, of high quality, and manufactured in the USA!

March 2020