N. & D. Conner, Brush Prairie, WA

Hey, folks. My wife and I just got the MacKissic TPH122 over the weekend and put it to work on our Kubota BX 1850.

We have an older 8hp standalone chipper that we’ve used a lot, but it was simply slow and painful to use. Constantly clogging or bogging down and having to be torn apart for repairs or removing stuck sticks. We can’t even begin to tell you how impressed we were with this 122. This thing was AMAZING. It spun quietly when not in use, and sucked down entire small trees without taxing the subcompact tractor even a little.

Seriously, this feels comparable in power to a big commercial Vermeer but quieter and more portable. We only have a couple of acres, but after tackling 2 of the 5 brush piles we’ve had laying around, we both actually went LOOKING for more limbs, leaves and yard waste we could feed through it. Not like us at all, and our yard thanks you.

We couldn’t be more impressed. Thank you.

April 2014