Jim G., BC Canada

Merry Tiller.  … I … am writing to tell you of a wonderful machine that I purchased … in 1978.  We have a Merry Tiller rototiller that has faithfully started and performed perfectly for over 45 years.  I change the oil every year, clean the spark plug, put in fresh fuel, and then on the second or third pull it starts, and has worked our soil each year without fail.  I always store the tiller inside, and this year when I again started it and tilled the garden I felt I had to write and thank you for a great machine.  I think about twenty years ago I replaced the belt, other than that, no maintenance.  In this time of disposable, poor performing junk from around the world, it is a pleasure to own and use such a great tool, and as I am nearly 76 years old, the Merry Tiller is hopefully the last, and only rototiller I will ever own.  Thanks a million.